Creative statement

creative statement

As an image-maker formally trained as a designer, I have found my voice through semiotic interpretation. Exploring how different levels of meanings can be expressed through complex image layers is another creative goal of mine. I invent photographic metaphors that carry hidden meanings. I view my imagery as timeless visual poetry with psychological impact where viewers can no longer remain passive. Conceptualizing and resolving a solution is as rewarding as the seeing the result.

I have always felt that we have very little control of our lives. Therefore I enjoy the process of photomontage because I can randomly connect unrelated persons, events, and environments. Although my subjects may never have the chance to meet in reality, they are permanently bound within my artwork. By taking this approach, I find myself in absolute power to control and design. 

I have accumulated “image banks” for my photomontages, allowing my instincts to determine the relationship between these random images.  Although I normally stitch images by computer program, my projects have been finalized in digital prints, silver prints, gum-dichromate, Cyanotype, and image transfer.

My creative process has been inspired by the Cranbrook’s alternative design theory of Deconstruction. When Cranbrook designers tried to depart from the mainstream Modernist approach, they experimented by tearing text apart and reassembling them into abstract visual forms. This new process required audience to interpret the meaning from the visual structure as the text became illegible. The audience can only “feel” the text without reading the meanings. I found this experimentation could also be applied in photographic-based communication. I deconstruct photographs from our ordinary world into abstract visual codes. Viewers are invited to interpret my fictional worlds through these layers. When documentary photo work intends to give a powerful and authoritative presentation of our real world, my photo fragmentations offer optional pathways for non-linear, subjective interpretation.